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Buyers of All Types of Scrap Metal, Batteries and Brass

Need a bin?

We understand that in most circumstances scrap metal is a byproduct and not the focus of your business. Let Maple Leaf Metals handle the arrangements for the collection and removal of scrap metal from your site. We can provide a bin at your location to be loaded with your scrap metal, picked up, delivered to our facility and returned to be filled again. Please fill out the dispatch form, which has a link at the bottom of this section, or call us at (780) 468-3951 to arrange for the pickup of your scrap metal bin.

Bin sizes available to suit your needs:

Tipper Bin Sizes

Bin Size Height Width Length Lip Height
1/2 Cu. Yd. 32″ 41″ 46.25″ 27.25″
3/4 Cu. Yd. 36″ 41″ 59″ 32.25″
1 Cu. Yd. 42.5″ 41″ 63.75″ 37.5″
1.5 Cu Yd. 42.5″ 53″ 63.75″ 37.5″

Lugger Bin Sizes

Bin Size Height Width Length
6 Cu. Yd. 40″ 67″ 132″
12 Cu. Yd. 64″ 72″ 144″
20 Cu. Yd. 87″ 72″ 204″

Rolloff Bin Sizes

Bin Size Height Width Length
15 Cu. Yd. 48″ 96″ 192″
15 Cu. Yd. 36″ 96″ 264″
20 Cu. Yd. 48″ 96″ 264″
30 Cu. Yd. 72″ 96″ 264″
40 Cu. Yd. 84″ 96″ 264″

Unsure about what size of bin you need?  Call us (780) 468-3951 and we will help you find the right bin for your business.


Other Transportation

Occasionally, you may come across scrap metal that is too large for our bins. Depending on size, environmental concerns, and distance we have a wide variety of freight options available. Give us a call today (780-468-3951) and let our team assist you in any way we can.